Our monograph catalog covers the breadth of African Studies and include award-winning research, edited collections, and annotated source material.

Monographs currently in print

Rambler’s Chats: Ghanaian, African, and Global Histories Through the Eyes of a Nkrumahist Columnist
ed. Baba G. Jallow

Setswana Riddles: Translated into English
Barolong Seboni

The Forgotten Pedi/Campbell Expedition into Fuuta Jaloo, West Africa, 1815-17
Ed. B. Mouser

Wakar Harshen Hausa “A Song of Praise to Hausa”
Ed Powe

One Word: Listening to Violence in Early Colonial Sierra Leone
Daniel R. Magaziner

Cameroonian Women the Act of Petitioning and the Creation of a Popular Nationalism1949-1960
Meredith Terretta

The Reverend Peter Hartwig1804-1815: A Sourcebook of Correspondence from the Church Missionary Society Archive
ed. B. Mouser with N. Mouser

Case of the Reverend Peter Hartwig Slave Trader or Misunderstood Idealist? Clash of Church Missionary Society/Imperial Objectives in Sierra Leone1804-1815
B. Mouser with N. Mouser

The Life of Charles Muhoro Kareri
Charles Muhoro Kareri / ed. Derek R. Peterson

Voyage to the Coast of Africa
François de Paris ed. Aimery Caron

Chief of a Heathen Town: Kgosi Sechele and the Arrival of Christianity Among the Tswana
Stephen Volz

A Bibliography of Swahili Language and Linguistics
David M. Westley

William Sunley and David Livingstone: A Tale of Two Consuls
ed. G. and P. Nottingham Clendennen

Chief Luka and the Lari Massacre: Contrary Notions of Kikuyu Land Tenure and the Mau Mau War
Stephen Corradini

The Epic of El Hadj Umar Taal of Fuuta
ed. Samba and Birahim Caam Diop

Spurious Arabic: Hausa and Colonial Nigeria
John Edward Philips

I’m Not What You’re Searching For: Frameworks Perceptions and the Construction of Liberian Refugee Identity in Côte d’Ivoire 1989-1997|
Leah Thayer

Democracy and the Elite in Nigeria: Perspectives from Survey Research
Paul A. with assistance of Warisu O. Alli Beckett

Female Characters in Contemporary Kenyan Women’s Writing: Independent Figures or Subdued Voices?
Marie Krüger

The Literature of Balaraba Ramat Yakubu and the Emerging Genre of Littattafai na Soyayya
Novian Whitsitt

Studies in the Nineteenth-Century Economic History of Nigeria
eds. Toyin and Ann O’Hear Falola

A Stroke of Unbelievable Luck
Issac Fadoyebo ed. David Killingray

The Mfecane: An Annotated Bibliography
David M. Westley

Pilgrims Interpreters and Agents: French Reconnaissance Reports on the Sokoto Caliphate and Borno1891-1895

eds. A. S. Kanya-Forstner and Paul Lovejoy

The Artfulness of M’Fa Jigi. An Interview With Nyamaton Diarro

Sarah Brett-Smith

Ecrits D’Entre-Deux Mondes
Gérard Chouin

Guides Collections and Ancillary Materials to African Archival Resources in the United States
John and Yvette Scheven Howell

Study of Africa. Curriculum Materials for K-12
ed. Betty Wass

Lyrics of Basotho Migrants

David Coplan

Evangelisch-Lutherisches Missionsblatt. Extracts on Arusha and Meru 1897-1914
ed.Tom Spear, translated by C. Michelle Murphy & Timothy M. Murphy

A Witch in My Heart Short Stories and Poems

Hilda Kuper

Labarin Baba [Hausa version of Baba of Karo]
Mary Smith

Seeds in the Palm of My Hand
Edward Kanu Uku

Letters from Nigeria1899-1900 by David Wynford Carnegie
ed. Ann O’Hear

Yoruba Historiography
Toyin Falola

Decade of Discontent: an Index to Fighting Talk1954-1963
Dorothy Woodson

Democratization and Structural Adjustment in Africa in the 1990s
eds. L. Deng M. Kostner and M. Crawford Young

An Index to Drum: Africa’s Leading Magazine1951-1965
Dorothy Woodson

A Bibliography of the Kalenjin Peoples of East Africa
R. et al Daniels

Raw Medium and Well Done: A Critical Review of Editorial and Quasi-Editorial Work on Pre-European Sources for Sub-Saharan Africa1960-1986
Adam Jones

Hausa Lexical Expansion Since 1930: Bargery Supplement

Neil Skinner

Wasan Bahaushe Gaskiyarsa
John Sigel

The Saga of a Cotton Capulana
Luis Polanah















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