University of Wisconsin–Madison

Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in African Studies

The graduate certificate in African Studies is awarded to students at the graduate level at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to certify advanced training in African Studies. It is awarded by the African Studies Program and the Graduate School.

Requirements for the graduate certificate in African Studies

  • Complete at least 12 credits of African Studies Program core courses or extended core courses taught by an African Studies Program faculty member.
  • Graduate credit is available only for courses with numbers of 300 or higher.
  • Maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
  • Fulfill the requirements for a master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Include nine credits outside your major department. No more than three credits will count from your major department.
  • Complete at least one graduate level seminar in African Studies with a grade of AB or better. It may be in your major field.

Additional terms

  • Include no more than three credits of directed reading and research or independent reading (699, 999). No thesis/dissertation credits (990) may be included.
  • Only one course in a single language may count toward the certificate, but two languages courses count if they are in different African languages.
  • NOTE: All African Languages and Literature courses may count toward the graduate certificate within the limits set by the distribution requirements described above.

Application for Graduate Certificate in African Studies

  • Submit the application form for the graduate certificate in African Studies and obtain the approval and signature of major professor. After you have completed the requirements for the graduate certificate in African Studies, the African Studies Program director or designate will inform your major department that you have earned the Certificate.

Graduating with the Graduate Certificate

Certificates will be awarded only upon completion of a UW-Madison graduate degree.