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African Studies Graduate Student Summer Fieldwork Awards


African Studies Graduate Student Summer Fieldwork Awards are intended to support UW-Madison graduate students working on a master’s thesis or Ph.D. dissertation pertaining to Africa. Students may propose to library or field research (preliminary or otherwise) related to their thesis or dissertation during summer 2018.


Applicants must be UW-Madison graduate students enrolled in Spring Semester 2018 and making progress toward a research-based master’s or doctoral degree focused substantially on Africa in any department or program. Students graduating in the Spring or Summer 2018 term are not eligible to apply.

Award Details

Awards will total $3,000 each. The African Studies Program will work with awardees to purchase flights through the Concur system (per University of Wisconsin policy), and the balance of the award will be made available to awardees as an e-reimbursement.

Application Deadline

Monday, February 26, 2018

Application Procedure

Log on to Scholarships@UW–Madison and click on the “Visit My Scholarships” link. After logging-in and answering a few yes/no questions, you will be presented with links to applications for scholarships for which you are eligible, with open application cycles. You may want to check the site frequently to see what new opportunities are available. If you do not see the African Studies Graduate Student Summer Fieldwork Award application on your list, please contact the African Studies Program.

In addition, please be prepared to provide:

  1. A brief statement of language competency (as appropriate)
  2. A 750 word project statement describing how the proposed fieldwork fits your overall research plan, prior experience in the country/region, and a proposed itinerary
  3. Two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from the applicant’s advisor. Applicants will provide the name & email address of recommenders who will then receive an invitation to upload letters via Scholarships@UW-Madison.

Special Conditions

  1. UW-Madison precludes student travel to locations under a US Department of State (DoS) travel warning.  To learn more visit the University International Travel Committee website and contact Ron Machoian (, 608-890-2446) with specific questions.  Students may propose travel to a location currently under a travel warning, but awardees must secure necessary waivers prior to award distribution.
  2. All awardees are required to submit a brief report at the conclusion of their time abroad.

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