Below are some great resources to learn more about grants and free educational opportunities or to familiarize yourself with Central Africa conservation, biodiversity, parks, and culture! If you have any suggestions on additional resources to include on this list, please let us know.


The CAI is launching a new program devoted to expanding access to grant opportunities across Central Africa and globally. We will be maintaining a Grant Guide and disseminating other information related to small grants from a variety of sources.

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Educational Materials

Online Journals and Libraries

Crops for the Future has curated this great list of online resources that are free or easily accessible. The following portals from CFF’s list provide free access to a variety of books, scientific journals, and other publications:

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Coursera offers a broad range of MOOCs that are available to a wide audience. These online courses are designed to be accessible to those who cannot be physically present on a campus or cannot afford a degree-seeking program.

One of their current offerings, “Gestion des aires protégées en Afrique,” focuses on protected land management in Africa and is available at the learner’s own pace.

Data and Software

Blogs and Newsletters

Actualités du Parc National de la Bénoué

A blog about the conservation efforts in Cameroon’s Bénoué National Park in Cameroon, by Director and CAI partner Jean-Paul Mbamba Mbamba.

Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group

One of CAI’s partners, ABCG is a partnership between seven major conservation NGOs. ABCG writes a newsletter with information about their activities, as well as updates in the conservation world.

Eastern Congo InitiativeEastern_Congo_Initiative_Logo

ECI is an initiative focused on promoting economic and social development in the eastern DRC. They write a weekly newsletter with updates on current events in the region.

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