Session I

FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 10:45am-12:00pm  (75 minutes)   

Peace Corps: The Very First Years
C. Payne Lucas, Bill Josephson, and Bob Klein

Peace Corps Perceptions: Text, NationalIdentity, Landscapes
Lynne Heasley, Chris Duvall, and Heidi Frontani

From Isolation to the Daily Skype: Volunteers Communicating with Home
Cynthia Moore, Jonathan Blanchard, Colin Casey

Writing Peace Corps (1): Readings by Writers
Katherine Case, Erica Bleeg, Bonnie Lee Black

Stories of Service (1): Peace Corps Teachers
Sydney Kling, Rebecca Lorentzen, Maria Moreno

African Perspectives of the Peace Corps
Abdi Samatar, Samuel Gyasi Obeng, Emilie Ngo-Nguidjol

West African Linkages
Judy Lamm Figi, Mary Kay Diakite, Judy Reed