Outreach and Resources

The African Studies Program is inspired and guided by the Wisconsin Idea to share the expertise, talents, and scholarship of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to promote the study of Africa in schools and communities across Wisconsin. With nearly fifty years of experience, we are proud of our legacy as pioneers in African Studies outreach in the Upper Midwest, and we look forward to great future partnerships with educators, business leaders, and communities.

Outreach Events

Outreach Materials

The African Studies Program curates a large collection of African books, films, and cultural items available to teachers, schools, and community groups for free. Browse our Outreach Materials to find these resources. You can also explore our  Publication Archive and other African-based collections in the UW-Libraries system.

Outreach Scholars

The Outreach Scholars program comprises affiliate graduate and undergraduate students with extensive experience living, working, or studying in Africa. These scholars share their area studies expertise, African-based living experiences, and technical skills to enrich school curricula and community events throughout Wisconsin while dispelling harmful myths and stereotypes about Africa and Africans. Learn more on how to meet and invite our Outreach Scholars to your classroom or event today!

Day in Africa

Day in Africa brings together high school students from different parts of Wisconsin to explore the languages and cultures of Africa in sessions led by UW-Madison faculty, students, and staff.

Other African-related Resources

Local Resources | Lesson MaterialsAfrica Focus Digital Collection | African Research Highlights at UW-Madison
A list of online resources to support the discovery of African news sites, lesson plans, topic-specific resources, and much more.