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Discovery Boxes

The African Studies Program curates thematic Discovery Boxes which include objects related to particular activities, topics, or cultural contexts for hands-on exploration in the classroom.

These boxes are FREE lending resources for educators. African Studies Program will pay for shipping to and from your school!

The following African Studies Discovery Boxes are available for loan in your classroom:

  • "Things Fall Apart" Discovery Box

    full-box-contentsAre your students reading Chinua Achebe’s classic novel Things Fall Apart ? Borrow our Things Fall Apart discovery box to supplement and enrich your lessons with material culture items from Nigeria. Check it out > >


  • Rwanda Discovery Box

    rwanda-boxEnhance your students’ understanding of Rwanda’s history and culture by borrowing our Rwanda Discovery Box. Check it out >>


  • Sierra Leone Discovery Box

    sierra-leone-full-boxIs your class reading Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier ? Give you students a hands-on learning experience with this discovery box of cultural items from Sierra Leone. Check it out >>


  • Uganda Discovery Box

    This box includes items from daily life in Uganda and is a great way to share contemporary Ugandan culture with students. Check it out >>


  • Swahili Discovery Box

    This box includes items important to Swahili coast culture and a set of kangas (east African fabrics) which include Swahili phrases. Check it out >>


More Coming Soon!

If you are interested in borrowing a Discovery Box, please contact