University of Wisconsin–Madison

Jordan Prize Winners

2017       Sarah Stefanos

“Shaky Deals?: Domestic/Diasporan Agro-Investors and Tensions Between Developmentalism and Neopatrimonialism in Ethiopian Land Concessions”

2016       Niwaeli Kimambo

“More People, More Trees: Social and ecological factors for tree cover and distribution and their implications for forest connectivity in Southern Tanzania”

2015       Rachel Silver

“Brokers in an Unequal World: African Middle Figures from Colonialism to Neoliberalism”

2014        No award given

2013        Philip Janzen

“Caribbean Colonizers: Assimilation and Diasporic Imagination in the French Empire, 1880-1960”

2012        Patrick Otim, History

                “The Emergence of Local Intellectuals: Lacito Okech and the Writing of Early Twentieth-Century Acholi History in Northern Uganda”

2011+++ Sofia Samatar, African Languages and Literature

“Charting the Constellation: Past and Present in Things Fall Apart.”

2010+++Sean Bloch, History

“Snakes and Shifta: Violence and Modernity in Mid-Twentieth Century Kenya.”

2009+++Lacy S. Ferrell, History

“Educative Practices in Taleland, 1900-1940.”

2008+++Jessica Krug, History

“Social Dismemberment, Social Remembering: Contested Kromanti Identities, Nationalism, and Obeath, 1675-present.”

2007+++Leela Hazzah, Environmental Studies

“Living Among Lions: Community Attitudes Towards Conservation Initiatives and the Motivations Behind Lion Killing in Kenyan Maasailand.”

2006+++Reem M. Hilal, African Languages and Literature

“The African (Arab) American Muslim Slave Narrative: Identities in Transition”

2005+++Mara Goldman, Geography

“Tracking wildebeest, locating knowledge: Maasai and conservation biology understandings of wildebeest behavior in northern Tanzania”

2004+++Daniel Magaziner, History

“One Word: Listening to Violence in Early Colonial Sierra Leone”

2003+++Ryan Ronnenberg, History

“Advance the Clock Once and for All: A Problem of Timing in Late Colonial Kenya”

2002+++Chris Duvall, Geography

“Symbols, Not Data: Rare Trees and Vegetation History in Mali”

2001+++Meredith E. Terretta, History

“A Women Can No Longer Be Kept on One Side: Cameroonian Women and the Creation of a Popular Nationalism, 1949 1960”

2000+++Stephen Volz, History

“A Chief of a Heathen Town: Kgosi Sechele and the Arrival of Christianity among the Tswana”

1999+++Stephen Corradini, History

“A Chief Luka and the Lari Massacre: Contrary Notions of Kikuyu Land Tenure and the Mau Mau War”

1998+++Leah Thayer, History

“I Am Not What You Are Searching For: Frameworks, Perceptions, and The Construction of the Liberian Refugee in Côte d’Ivoire, 1989-1997”

1997+++Novian Whitsitt, African Languages and Literature

“The Literature of Balaraba Ramat Yakubu and the Emerging Genre of Littatafai na Soyayya: A Prognostic of Change for Women in Hausa Society”Karl Hassrick, African American Studies
“Derek Walcott: The Descent from Monkey Mountain”

1996+++Marie Krüger, African Languages and Literature

“Female Characters in Contemporary Kenyan Women’s Writing: Independent Figures or Subdued Voices?”Sean Hanretta, History
“Changes in Gender Relations among the Zulu in the Nineteenth Century”

1994+++Susan O’Brien, History

“Spirit Possession as Historical Source: Gender, Islam and Healing in Hausa Bori”

1991+++Sauda Underwood Smith, African Languages and Literature

“Ebo and Ori: Mythic Consciousness in Death and the King’s Horseman and The Strong Breed”

1990+++Gretchen Bauer, Political Science

“The Legacy of the Colonial State in Namibia”

1987+++Pier M. Larson, History

“Slavery in Central Madagascar: Imerina in the 19th century”

1986+++Charles Gaddy, Political Science

“A Case for a Development Strategy for Africa’s Refugees”

1982+++Elizabeth Schmidt, History

“Competing for Power: An Analysis of Conflicting Interests in South African Society, 1924-1948”

1981+++John Sigel, African Languages and Literature

“Hausa Trickster Tales”

1979+++David S. Newbury, History

“Kamo and Lubambo: Dual Genesis Traditions on Ijwi Island”

1978+++Marc Dawson, History

“The History of Plague in Kenya: The Changing Epidemiology of the Disease Prior to 1920”

1976+++Deborah D. Foster, African Languages and Literature

“Blood Knot and The Islands as Anti Tragedy”

1975+++Paul Cox, Agricultural Economics

“Recent Changes in Land Tenure and Rural Development Policies in Tanzania”

1974+++John L. Bernsten, History

“Maasai and Iloikop: Ritual Experts and their Followers”

1973+++William Starns, Jr., History

“Land Tenure among Rural Hausa”

1972+++Michael G. Schatzberg, Political Science

“The Coup and After: Continuity or Change in Malian Politics?”

1971+++Thomas T. Spear, History

“Zwangendaba’s Ngoni, 1821 1890: A Political and Social History of a Migration”

1970+++M. Catharine Atterbury, Political Science

“Revolution in Rwanda”

1969+++Joseph C. Miller, History

“Cokwe Expansion, 1850 1900”

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