ASP Graduate Working Group

The graduate research and writing process is often isolating and challenging irrespective of one’s stage in graduate school. In spite of this, students have trumped some of these challenges and emerged successful, and most of them have credited this success to finding community with other graduate students. It is in the quest for an intellectual community-building and collaboration that the idea for this working group was conceived.

Meeting Days: Wednesdays
Time: 4pm -7pm
Location: Room 336, Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive Madison, WI 53706

Contact for Inquires: Tolu Akinwole ( or Fauzi Moro (

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The group aims to provide a collegial space for graduate students affiliated with the African Studies Program, or whose research interests coalesce around Africa, to collaborate and think together about emerging ideas in the field. It is also intended to provide peer support with writing and navigating graduate school and, as such, operates along four arms: writing and research, peer support, interdisciplinary collaborations, and community engagement.


Writing and Research

During the first two hours of each meeting, members will engage in focused reading and writing in common with one another as a way to foster motivation and accountability.


Peer Support

Forums will be organized for advanced graduate students and faculty to share strategies on navigating graduate school from classes, assistantships, grant proposals, conference papers, preliminary examinations, to other areas suggested by members.


Interdisciplinary Collaborations

During the last hour of each meeting, members will work directly with others from diverse backgrounds and expertise in smaller theme-based groups to brainstorm ideas and curate presentations or projects for academic or professional causes.

Community Engagement

The group will engage communities on campus and the Greater Madison Area through activities such as annal symposiums on campus and the monthly Africa Talks lecture series during every last Wednesday at UW South Madison Partnership (UWSMP).