Africa at Noon on April 30, 2014

Climate Change and Biodiversity in Africa’s Deepest Lake

Peter McIntyre
Assistant Professor
Department of Zoology
University of Wisconsin-Madison



Ben Kraemer
Graduate Student
Limnology and Marine Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Time and Loca­tion

12:00pm, 206 Ingra­ham Hall, 1155 Obser­va­tory Drive, Madi­son, WI


Lake Tanganyika is a regionally and globally significant freshwater resource. We will discuss the interactions between humans and the lake’s ecosystem, focusing on climate change, fisheries, sedimentation, and other anthropogenic threats to the lake’s productivity and biodiversity.


Peter McIntyre is a graduate of Harvard and Cornell Universities, and has been on the UW faculty for 4 years. His research focuses on the ecology, evolution, and conservation of freshwater fishes and ecosystems around the world, including the African and North American Great Lakes.

Ben Kraemer is a graduate of Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, and is currently a dissertator in the Limnology and Marine Science Ph.D. program at UW-Madison. His doctoral work focuses on ecosystem dynamics and climate change in Lake Tanganyika and other lakes around the world.