To support collaborative work between Madison-area professionals and UW-Madison YALI Mandela Washington Fellowship alumni. Awards are intended to bring YALI-MWF alumni to Madison or to send Madison-area professionals abroad.


This is an open call. Mandela Washington Fellows who attended the summer institute on public management at UW-Madison between 2016 and 2019 may submit an application with any campus* or community member. Applicants may include UW-Madison or UW-system faculty, academic staff, or staff scientists; state employees; local community members; volunteers; or other Madison-area professionals that the fellows met through networking, site visits, hosted meals, community service, or other institute activities.

View all UW-Madison YALI-MWF alumni here.

*Unfortunately, funding may not be used to support UW-Madison undergraduate or graduate student travel. Students may still submit proposals, but the proposal will be limited to bringing a Mandela Fellow alum back to Madison.


Up to $5000 is available to support international travel costs. Applicants may request funds to bring MWF alumni to Madison or to support costs of sending Madison-area professionals abroad.

  • Travel by Madison-area professionals should occur between May 2020-May 2021. Madison-area professionals are expected to deliver an Africa at Noon presentation within one year of their return
  • Travel by MWF alumni to Madison should occur between September 2020 – April 2021. MWF alumni are expected to deliver an Africa at Noon presentation during their visit.

All travelers must secure appropriate visas before flights will be booked. International flights must be booked at least 60 days prior to travel. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in the revocation of the award.


Sunday, Nov 24th 11:59pm. Decisions will be returned by Jan 1st, 2020.


Please upload the following as a single PDF to the YALI Continuing Connections Award Application Form.

  1. The Resume/CV of the Madison-area professional
  2. The Resume/CV of the YALI-MWF alumna/alumnus
  3. A proposed itinerary and budget, noting any other financial support available to support the travel
  4. A 1-2 page description of the collaborative venture. Describe the purpose of the proposed travel and what outcomes are anticipated. Indicate how the travel support will support the applicants’ professional development and enrich their local communities. If applicable, articulate how the visit will advance the mission of the applicants’ employers or organizations. Please include a brief statement explaining how the MWF alumna/alumnus came to know the Madison-area professional during their stay in Madison.
  5. Optional: up to 2 letters of support.

YALI Continuing Connections Award Application Form: