Africa at Noon on November 14, 2012

The Electoral Process and the Role of Election Observers: Reflections from Uganda

Damalie Naggita-Musoke
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Makerere University Kampala, Uganda
Global Legal Studies Visiting Scholar

12:00pm, 206 Ingra­ham Hall, 1155 Obser­va­tory Drive, Madi­son, WI

Co-sponsored by Global Legal Studies Center.


Regular elections are said to be one of the cornerstones of true democracies. This presentation explores elections to political office and inquires what role Election Observers play during and/or concerning elections. In other words, who/what are Election Observers, what do they do, why do they do what they do and when do they do it? Is what they do necessary? And for Uganda in particular, we wonder whether Uganda needs Election Observers.


Damalie Naggita-Musoke is an advocate of the courts of judicature of Uganda and partner in the Law Chambers of Mubiru-Musoke, Musisi & Co. Advocates. She has been a lecturer at the School of Law, Makerere University since 1993. Her research interests are in the areas of women and children’s rights, as well as disability rights. One of the reasons she is traveling to UW-Madison is to complete her SJD in Disability Rights in Uganda. She is a member of FIDA-Uganda, the Ugandan Chapter of the International Federation of Women Lawyers.