African Nations Welcome Event 2023

Date: September 16, 2023

Time: 12:00pm-2:30pm

Venue:  Memorial Union-Great Hall

DJ: Dr. Segun Soetan


  1. Welcome: BINGO 12:00-12:30pm
  2. Opening Remark/staff intro: 12:30-12:40pm (Dr. Aleia McCord, Associate Director of the African Studies Program)
  3. Recognizing our new students, faculty, and staff: 12:40-12:45pm
  4. Welcome to UW-Madison remark: 12:45-12:50pm (Samantha McCabe, International Student Services Director)
  5. Welcome to the State of Wisconsin: 12:50-12:55pm (Representative Samba Baldeh)
  6. Welcome to the City of Madison: 12:55-1:00pm ( Linda Vakunta, Deputy Mayor)
  7. Welcome to the Family of Africans in Madison: 1:00-1:05pm (Engineer Ray Kumapayi, President, African Association of Madison)
  8. Selfcare and building connection in a new environment: 1:05-1:10pm (Dean Moji Olaniyan, Director, Academic enrichment Program)
  9. African Students Association Intro and welcome: 1:10-1:15pm (Tumi Samuel-Ipaye)
  10. African Christian fellowship intro and welcome: 1:15-1:20pm (Moses Oluwanifise, Coordinator ACF UW-Madison Chapter)
  11. Islamic Center of Madison: 1:20-1:25pm (Prof. Khaled)
  12. Closing Remark/ Nations Recognition (Show of Flags): 1:25-1:30pm
  13. Item 7 (Lunch): 1:30-2:00pm
  14. African Quest Game: 2:00-2:30pm (Joel Baraka)


Special thanks to the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement for their generous support of this event!