The African Studies Program has a long history of leading and supporting Africa-related initiatives which further and enhance community understanding of land and life in Africa. Click on the initiatives below to learn more or get involved.


The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, begun in 2014, is the flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). MWF brings 1,000 leaders from sub-Saharan African to US universities for academic discussion, leadership training, and community engagement.UW–Madison is among 36 universities selected as hosts for the Mandela Washington Fellowship in summer 2016. Through a focus on public management, Fellows at UW-Madison will have the opportunity to learn from Wisconsin’s accredited scholars and professionals as well as participate in various site visits featuring government entities, non-profits, businesses and other organizations around the state. Learn more


Central Africa Initiative promotes closer collaborations with universities, colleges, and government and non-government agencies working in Central Africa.  CAI’s primary goals are to promote closing working relationships with partner institutions in Central Africa so as to build local expertise and institutional capabilities in the region as well as institutional involvement and expertise at UW-Madison.  CAI does this by sharing information, collaborating on grant proposals, fostering academic exchanges, and promoting opportunities to collaborate on research and teaching. Learn more