K-16 Outreach

Outreach Scholars

The Outreach Scholars Program is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students with extensive experience living, working, or studying in Africa. Outreach Scholars try to dispel myths and break down the simple stories that are so often recited about Africa. Outreach Scholars enrich school curricula and community events by sharing their area studies expertise, life stories, and artistic skills in classrooms and community groups throughout Wisconsin. Learn more and meet our Outreach Scholars and invite one to visit your classroom today!

Lending Collection

The African Studies Program curates a large collection of Africa-related booksfilms, and cultural items available to teachers and schools for loan. Browse our Lending Collection and explore all that we have to offer!

Day in Africa

DAY IN AFRICA brings together high school students from across Wisconsin to explore the languages and cultures of Africa in sessions led by UW-Madison faculty, students, and staff. This year’s Day in Africa event will place on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at UW-Madison’s Union South. Registration for schools will open in late-January.

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