2015-16 Outreach Scholars Orientation

Outreach Scholars enrich school curricula and community events by sharing their area studies expertise, life stories, and artistic skills. (Photo by Catherine Reiland/UW-Madison).

Outreach Scholars Program

Outreach Scholars are a select group of UW students with extensive experience living, working, or studying in Africa who periodically facilitate presentations for student and community groups in Dane County and beyond. Outreach Scholars enrich school curricula and community events by sharing their area studies expertise, life stories, and artistic skills. As they facilitate learning experiences that go beyond the textbook, Outreach Scholars expand students’, teachers’, and community members’ understanding of different African contexts.

Outreach Theme for 2015-16: Health, Healing, and Medicine

In the 2015-2016 academic year Outreach Scholars will address the theme of health, healing, and medicine. We will explore the theme through a variety of lenses including the arts, education, communication, ethics, medicine and popular culture.

Outreach Scholars are “AFRICA”:

Adept:  Ability to articulate your area of interest is key!  You should be able to talk with some authority about your work as it relates to this year’s theme. Stay informed in your areas of interest.

Friendly and passionateYou are passionate about Africa, UW-Madison, and our community.  Your passion and energy will help engage our audiences to learn about Africa.

Reflexive: Outreach Scholars know that their experiences are not representative of an entire community, nation, or continent.

Imaginative and creative:  Outreach Scholars mostly present in K-12 settings, so presentations need to be dynamic, age-appropriate, and thoughtful.

Committed:  Outreach Scholars must be dependable and motivated.

Actively devoted to and participating in campus and community activities.

Benefits to being an Outreach Scholar:

  • Mentorship with peers, academic staff, and faculty
  • Networking with students and others who are interested in Africa
  • Several opportunities to present your work to diverse audiences
  • Monetary compensation for programs presented

Outreach Scholars’ Responsibilities

  • Submit a bio to appear on the African Studies Program website
  • Attend trainings and social events with other scholars
  • Make a number of presentations each semester in K-12 classrooms or community events
  • Participate in DAY IN AFRICA, a high school outreach event in Spring 2016.


Outreach Scholars are offered small honoraria for services provided to the African Studies Program. In order to receive an honorarium, Outreach Scholars must be able to complete the IRS Form W-9. Some fellowship recipients and/or students with certain UW appointments may not be eligible to work for pay. Check with your fellowship coordinator or employer to determine your eligibility.


Outreach Scholars participate in an initial training workshop and receive ongoing support from the African Studies Program outreach coordinator as they develop and facilitate presentations.  As they share their knowledge and expertise in classrooms and community settings, Outreach Scholars gain valuable public speaking and teaching experience that they bring with them to future experiences in academia and beyond.