Spring 2014 Africa at Noon Events

January 22

Caribbean Colonizers and Diasporic Imaginaries in the French Empire, 1880-1960

Philip Janzen
Graduate Student, History
University of Wisconsin-Madison

January 29

Project 1808: A GLocal School- University -Community Partnership Education Model for Sustainable Livelihood in Rural Sierra Leone

Alhaji Njai
PhD Scientist, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati and Research Fellow
Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Linda Vakunta
PhD Candidate
Environmental Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison



February 5

“Because your Kings live longer:” West-African Diplomacy and Health Exchanges in the Seventeenth Century Iberian Atlantic

Pablo Gomez
Assistant Professor, Medical History and Bioethics
University of Wisconsin-Madison

February 12
Koko’s Daughters. Interracial Marriage on the Gold Coast during the Atlantic Slave Trade

Pernille Ipsen
Assistant Professor, History and Gender & Women’s Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison

February 19
Remaking the edges: Sub-Saharan Africa’s New Suburbs

Garth Myers
Professor, Urban International Studies
Trinity College

February 26
A Look at Ethiopia’s Grand Dam Plan

Paul Block
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

March 5
African Cinema: Troubling the (Cinematic World) Order

Kenneth Harrow
Professor, English
Michigan State University


March 12
Flywhisks, Catastrophe Logic, and Colonial Nervousness in the Congo

Nancy Rose Hunt
Professor, History
University of Michigan

March 26
Healing Fate: A Feast For Lazarus-Babalu-Aye in Contemporary Central Cuba

Todd Ochoa
Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
University of North Carolina

April 2
Genetic Indeterminism in Africa: The Politics of Fluid Science

Duana Fullwiley
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Stanford University

This Africa at Noon event has been CANCELLED.

April 9
Shackles of Various Kinds: marriage, slavery, and shame in late nineteenth century Gold Coast Colony and Protectorate

Trevor Getz
Professor, History
San Francisco State University

April 16
Figuring the Tumor: Self, Objectivity and Photography of Advanced Cancer

Julie Livingston
Professor, History
Rutgers University

April 23
Burning Truth. Testimony, Transition, and Gacaca Trials in Rwanda

Bert Ingelaere
Postdoctoral Research Fellow-FWO
University of Antwerp/KU Leuven, Belgium

April 30

Climate Change and Biodiversity in Africa’s Deepest Lake

Peter McIntyre
Assistant Professor, Zoology
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ben Kraemer
Graduate Student, Zoology
University of Wisconsin-Madison




May 7
China in Africa: An African Cartoonist’s View

Godfrey Mwampembwa
National Media Group