Afonso I Mvemba a Nzinga, King of Kongo: Luís Madureira translates for biography

Professor of African Cultural Studies, Luís Madureira, joined historian John K. Thornton to write a biography on King Afonso I, the sixth ruler of the Kingdom of Kongo titled Afonso I Mvemba a Nzinga, King of Kongo. Madureira took Afonso’s correspondence from the 1500s and translated them into English, finding previously unknown original meanings in these letters. With the retranslation of these artifacts, Afonso’s personal thoughts on Kongolese political sovereignty, the distinctiveness of Kongolese Christianity, and complaints of Portuguese slave trading can be better understood and contextualized. Furthermore, readers also get a glimpse into Afonso’s personal life, getting a peek into the relationship, and victory later-on, between Afonso and his non-Christian brother.

Luís Madureira has previously published two books, numerous chapters and articles, and has been awarded five different awards for his research and teaching. Afonso I Mvemba a Nzinga, King of Kongo will be available for purchase starting December of 2023. Reviews of the book and purchasing options can be viewed here.