African Studies Program Research Award


This award is intended to support graduate student research or creative/artistic endeavors related to the study of Africa and the diaspora. Funds may be used for domestic or international travel, archival work, or as direct support for thesis or dissertation writing.


Graduate students in good standing from any department or program.

Award Details

Awardees may receive up to $4000. Award recipients must submit a photograph, brief bio, and a brief report on their work within one year of receiving funding. This information will be displayed on our website.

Application Details

Applicants should submit a 1-2 page project proposal and a project proposal C.V./resume as a single PDF via the online application portal. The application also requires a timeline and budget for the proposed work. View application>>

Students should seek input and review from their advisors prior to submission. The student must list the name and email address of their advisor in their application, and the advisor must submit an approval form before the deadline.

Applications and advisor approval forms are due Thursday, March 10 at 11:59pm.

View application>>

View advisor approval form>>

Applications will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary faculty committee and all award decisions will be returned by April 5th.

About the Advisor Approval Form

This brief online form replaces the need for a formal letter of recommendation and should take no more than 5  minutes to complete. The Advisor Approval form is designed to achieve three goals:

  • To encourage students to discuss their proposals with their advisors prior to submission;
  • To ensure that student proposals are evaluated on their own merit instead of on the merits of the accompanying recommendation letters; and
  • To reduce administrative burdens on our community.