Teaching guide for Boko Haram

GSI-logo2 copyThis brief guide from Boston University for understanding Boko Haram goes behind the headlines about “Islamic militants” to the more complicated story about poverty, corruption and Islam in Nigerian politics.

The guide is divided into 8 topics, each one shorter, sometimes much shorter, than a page. Resources for further reading are also included.

  • Boko Haram at a Glance
  • Nigeria at a Glance: pertinent facts for understanding this crisis
  • Overview of Boko Haram
  • Underlying Conditions to the Crisis
  • The Meaning of “Boko Haram” is Subtler than Media Portrayal
  • Nigerian Government Responds
  • US Government: what would be a useful response?
  • Media Portrayal

Click here to view the guide.

Guide and description are provided by the Outreach Program of the African Studies Center of Boston University.