Spring 2015 Faculty Development Seminar

386Applications are now open for The Center for Humanities Spring 2015 Faculty Development Seminar “Global Health? Rethinking Medical Humanities from the Periphery.”

The seminar will be led by African Studies Program faculty member Claire Wendland and program director Neil Kodesh.


Research in the medical humanities and humanistic social sciences has long been most attentive to European and North American medicine. Historical and anthropological studies from the periphery-research on vernacular science, and studies of so-called “global” science in its colonial and post-colonial incarnations-raise questions about some of the major concepts and assumptions underpinning medical humanities work. How might work from the global South transform our understanding of medical history and of more contemporary developments, such as the emergence of medical humanitarianism or the role of NGOs in health? What are the possibilities and potential pitfalls of deeper engagement with this scholarship for people studying health, medicine, and science in the global North? The seminar will be organized around these and other key questions, drawing primarily (but not exclusively) on research from Africa.

The seminar will meet ten times during a semester in two-hour sessions. The Faculty Development Seminar program provides research funds of $500 for ten faculty members to participate in the seminar.

For more information on the seminar or schedule, please visit the Center for Humanities.


Applications due Monday, December 15.

Please send the following materials as a single PDF to fds@humanities.wisc.edu with the subject line: “FDS Spring 2015 Application”:

1) a 1-2 page letter outlining your interest in the seminar
2) curriculum vitae

Seminar participants will be chosen by a selection committee designated by The Center for the Humanities and the Institute for Research in the Humanities who jointly sponsor and administer the Faculty Development Seminar Program.

The Faculty Development Seminar Program is administered jointly by the Center for the Humanities and the Institute for research in the Humanities with major support from the Dean of the College of Letters and Science.