Seeking teaching assistants for online African Storyteller course

The Department of African Cultural Studies (formerly the Department of African Languages and Literature) seeks graduate Teaching Assistants to help deliver instruction for the online course African 210: “The African Storyteller.”

The African Storyteller is a fully-online course delivered through Learn@UW. There are no lectures or discussion sections. Students follow a semi-synchronous schedule of weekly modules within which they read, watch video lectures, take quizzes, participate in discussion forums, and compose short practice essays.

Teaching Assistants are primarily responsible for evaluating student submissions, including posts to discussion forums and short essays, as well as longer Midterm and Final Essays. The entire instructional team usually meets once a week to discuss grades, grading strategies, and the course curriculum. Teaching Assistant appointments are at 45% FTE.

The Department of African Cultural Studies seeks UW-Madison graduate students in good standing with backgrounds in one, or any combination of, the following:

Literary Studies
Composition Pedagogy
African Studies

The major role that Teaching Assistants play in meeting the course’s objectives consists of coaching students to effectively communicate complex ideas about storytelling and society.

Interested UW-Madison graduate students may apply by submitting a letter of application and a CV to the following email addresses: Please direct any inquiries about the position or its responsibilities to Professor Brown,