5 Reasons to Get a Certificate in African Studies

5 Reasons to Get an African Studies Certificate
By Lauren Parnell – Marino
 1. Learn with world-class professors.

We are lucky to be at a university with so many professors that focus their work on Africa. In fact, UW-Madison has one of the oldest and most established centers of African studies in the world. This draws faculty across a range of disciplines to UW – over 71 are affiliated with the African Studies Program!

2. Spend time with other dynamic students.

The peers you’ll meet through African Studies courses are curious, engaged scholars. They’re the kind of people whose diverse interests lead them to study Hausa or Swahili and study abroad in places like Morocco or Ghana. Being in class with people like this is the reason you came to college, right?

3. Take exciting and diverse classes.

The African Studies Certificate is designed to give students perspectives on the continent across a range of disciplines and topics. Through the certificate, you can learn about everything from soccer as a cultural practice to human rights in education to Luso-African-Brazilian literature. And that’s just this semester! Every semester introduces new possibilities and exciting topics.

4. Stand out with an African language.

Many students who get a Certificate in African Studies spend time diving in to one of the African languages that are offered through the department of African Cultural Studies. While knowing any language helps make you more competitive on the job market, learning an African language can give you unique access to opportunities that require critical language skills. There are six languages being offered this year!

5. Find impactful opportunities after graduation. 

Our graduates go on to do amazing things. Their interest and knowledge of African studies leads them all over the globe, and into the policy world, academia, healthcare, and a million other realms. You can find our recent grads in places like the National Democratic Institute, medical school, the Peace Corps, and the domestic non-profit scene, to name a few. The sky is really the limit!

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