First cohort of King-Morgridge scholars to study global poverty, development at UW-Madison

The start of the semester brings a new opportunity for prospective international students.

On Thursday, Chancellor Rebecca Blank announced the launch of the King-Morgridge Scholars Program. The program will provide four-year scholarships that will enable students from Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and South Asia to study global poverty and international development at UW-Madison.

During the program, scholars will explore opportunities on campus and connect with UW alumni in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Over four years, they will endeavor to develop skills to tackle problems of poverty and development in their home countries.

Marianne Bird Bear, Chief of Staff for the International Division, anticipates that the program will bring new, diverse perspectives to the university, as many regions of the world are significantly underrepresented at UW-Madison. King-Morgridge scholars will hail from many of these underrepresented regions.

“King-Morgridge Scholars will gain knowledge and insights that will benefit their own countries at UW-Madison,” Bird Bear says. “At the same time, other UW-Madison international and domestic students will be able to learn from the experiences and perspectives program participants bring to campus. It is a valuable program with a wide impact.”

The King-Morgridge Scholars Program is funded by a $36 million gift from the King and Morgridge families. It will launch in fall 2017 with a cohort of six students.

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