Journal of Undergraduate International Studies seeks submissions, editors

The Journal of Undergraduate International Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is currently accepting submissions for its Fall 2017 issue.

The Journal seeks to publish the best undergraduate work across the country related to international themes and topics including, but not limited to: international conflict and conflict resolution, human rights, environmental issues, culture, history, comparative politics and economics, development and trade, global security and international health. To view previous issues, please click here.

Submissions generally range in length from 5 to 20 pages. Submissions must not have been published in any other publication. Current undergraduates and recent graduates (one semester out or less) are eligible to submit their work. To submit your work, email it as an attachment to, following these guidelines:

  1. Submit as a word document, not a PDF or other type of file
  2. Make sure your name and academic affiliation are not present in the text of your work
  3. Use an easily read font, such as Times New Roman
  4. Double-space your document
  5. Follow the Chicago Manual of Style for all citations. This is not a requirement unless the piece is selected for publication
  6. Convert all your citations and footnotes to endnotes
  7. Include an abstract of 100 words or less

Submissions must be received by Sunday, October 8th, 2017 at 11:59 pm CST. Article selections will be made in late November, and authors will be notified on the status of their submissions at this point.

The Journal also welcomes photos, either related to or independent of the content of submitted essays. These photos could appear on the cover of the journal or on our website. Cover photos must be of a very high resolution to be considered. Photos can be sent as high-resolution jpegs to Please indicate the subject, the location, and the date of the photo, as well as your name and university affiliation.

The Journal is also recruiting editors and a layout designer for the Fall 2017 semester. Editors should be interested in and somewhat knowledgeable about international studies and have strong writing and proofreading skills in addition to critical analytical skills. Knowledge of the editing process is not required but is recommended. Editors will be expected to review articles, collectively decide what makes it to publication, and edit the pieces in collaboration with authors. To apply, please send a resume or CV, a cover letter, and a two to three page writing sample to by Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at midnight.

The layout designer will be expected to attend some editorial meetings, create PDF proofs of the journal, and coordinate the printing of the journal with DoIT and the editor-in-chief. The designer creates the entire look of the journal, so this position has an enormous amount of responsibility. To find out more about the quality of design we expect, please visit the website. Familiarity with InDesign is required; html is recommended but not required. This is an unpaid position with a student organization. To apply, please send your resume and two samples of work to Applications are due Sunday, October 1st, 2017 at midnight.