RPCV of Wisconsin-Madison: Fund Your Project!

All Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin-Madison are eligible to request funding to help support a project or projects they are interested in. This year RPCV of Wisconsin-Madison has $40,000 available to fund these projects.

RPCV of Wisconsin-Madison will hold two GiftAway sessions, the first at 1pm on Saturday, October 13 at Madison’s Hotel Red (1501 Monroe St., corner of Regent St. and Monroe St.). Because the October GiftAway will start a new funding cycle, anyone who had a project funded this past April can submit a new request for consideration at the October GiftAway. RPCV of Wisconsin-Madison expects to award about $25,000 at the October GiftAway with the remaining funds withheld for the second GiftAway in April.

Requests for funding will be ranked by members with higher ranking requests, receiving full funding until funds run out.

How to Request a Donation from Calendar Proceeds