Assistant Professor Job Opening at El Colegio de México

Position: Assistant Professor in Anthropology & Sociology, full time (Subsaharan African studies program)

The Center for Asian and African Studies (CEAA) at El Colegio de México invites applications for a full-time tenure-track position at the assistant professor level in Anthropology or Sociology, focused on sub-Saharan Africa with preference in West and/or Central Africa. The candidates must demonstrate interest and ability to carry out research and lecturing, at post-graduate level, in methodological aspects related to current trends in African studies from anthropological and sociological perspectives, as well as specialized courses related to subjects such as tradition and modernity in African contexts, sub-Saharan African knowledge systems, religion, syncretism and identity. The range of topics for research, teaching and the design of seminars can be wider but the basis must take in account the above mentioned themes.


1. Candidates must have a Ph.D. degree in Anthropology, Sociology or related field by the time of appointment.
2. They must also have previous experience in designing and teaching courses, and original published work in prestigious academic journals or publishing houses.
3. Fluency in at least one sub-Saharan African language, preferably from West or Central Africa.
4. Knowledge of Spanish is desirable, but non-Spanish speaking applicants will need to compromise in learning Spanish within the first three years of their appointment. In the meantime, they are welcome to teach in English and exceptionally in French.
5. A full-time willingness to teach, research and supervise M.A and Phd. Thesis. Also To participate with other faculty members in seminars, organization of congress etc. and if it is required to assist in administrative academic duties.
6. A three-year minimum engagement to our institution before access to tenure track.

Required Documents: 

Applicants should submit the following application materials to Dirección del Centro de Estudios de Asia y África ( by 30 November 2018:
1. Extended CV, stressing academic degrees, teaching experience and published scholarship.
2. A five-page statement of research and teaching with the applicant’s proposed courses and subjects of interest for the duration of the three-year period prior to tenure review.
3. A brief statement of interest regarding the applicant’s desire to become a part of the faculty of CEAA and El Colegio de México.
4. Three letters of recommendation, which outline the applicant’s output and its relevance for the related field of specialization.
5. Electronic copies of published research.

Selection Process: 

The selection of candidates will be carried out by an ad hoc Committee which will evaluate all the applications received by the time of the deadline cited above. In the first phase of this process the Committee will produce a short-list of candidates who will be invited to offer a public seminar on a relevant subject of their field to be decided by the Committee. All initial applicants will be given notice of their status once the Committee’s shortlist is decided.
Short-listed candidates may be asked for physical copies of their supporting documents, or additional information if the Committee should require it. The short-list and final selection process is not open to appeal.

Further Information: 

Further information on this job opening position can be obtained by writing to or by the phone number ++52(55)54493025.

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