Job Opening: Researcher for Kiira Education Foundation

Kiira Education Foundation, an NGO located in Jinja, Uganda, is currently in search of someone interested in a research opportunity that would begin in January 2019 and end in March 2019. The NGO’s main focus is training Ugandan teachers in our their primary school, Kiira Junior Preparatory, for one year. Upon completion of the program, the researcher would set the teachers up with partner Ugandan schools in the Jinja area in order to help them find secure, paid jobs.

The Ugandan education system is severely lacking in terms of international standards, and one of the biggest problems is the lack of well-trained teachers to ensure that students gain the most knowledge out of their schooling experience. Most teachers in Uganda are extremely underpaid, and often have to wait months before they  receive a salary, which is why we want to ensure that they receive one year, paid training, and ensure them paid jobs after its completion.

It is also important that that the NGO measure the effectiveness of our program in terms of how/if it is benefiting the students in the partner schools, so the job of the researcher would be to conduct a baseline (before the program) marker in several partner schools for the NGO to compare its program each year after  teachers begin teaching in these schools. This would consist of coming up with educational markers that test how effective the teacher is in terms of student performance, student scores, etc.

A stipend will be provided for the researcher, as well housing and transport.

For more information, contact Bronwyn Phillipson at