Course Spotlight: Socio-Economic Change in Underdeveloped Areas

Sociology 925 surveys classic and contemporary debates in the sociology of economic change and development, with an emphasis on exploring the theoretical assumptions underlying different perspectives.

This course is designed to contribute to achieving the following instructional objectives designated as priorities by the Department of sociology:

  • Students will demonstrate a broad understanding of major theories, methodologies, and research findings in the sociological literature.
  • Students will develop analytical thinking skills that enable them to evaluate information pertinent to their research question.
  • Students will communicate in a clear, organized engaging manner, using language, methods, and critical tools appropriate to the social sciences.

SOC925: Socio-Economic Change in Underdeveloped Areas
3 credits
Wednesdays 9:00-11:30AM, 8112b Social Science Building
Spring 2019

Joseph Conti is a UW-Madison Associate Professor of Sociology and Law. His research focuses on the World Trade Organization, international courts, and the influence of nanotechnologies in policy dialogues and social justice. To contact him, you can send an email to