CEOs of Tomorrow is a youth entrepreneurship program which serves primarily students of color and/or those who will be first generation college students. They are committed to providing equal opportunity to all youth, particularly those most vulnerable and faced with economic and/or racial disparities. Their teens have created successful businesses that not only earn revenue but also address social issues of importance to them.

Knowing the incredible impact global exposure has on youth, CEOs of Tomorrow is piloting their Global Social Entrepreneurial Excursion Program this year. The program is designed to empower teens to impact global social change through social entrepreneurship, beginning with our first trip with seven teens to Gaborone, Botswana in August 10-19, 2019.

The organization is in search of a local Botswana expert(s) to inform their plans for the Gaborone trip and to assist them in identifying a high school in Gaborone which would be interested in a joint, and potentially ongoing, partnership focused on youth entrepreneurship.

Please contact Roxie Hentz at or the African Studies Program for more information.