New Online Archive for Africanist Norman Miller

The Norman Miller Archive is a new open multimedia resource featuring selected research, photos, films, journals, books, and field notes from the library of Norman Miller, an academic researcher, journalist, and film producer who worked extensively in East Africa from 1960-2015.

Miller’s physical library resides in two collections: at Michigan State University’s Africana Library and at the Smithsonian Institution, while the Norman Miller Archive website is a digital repository of his most noteworthy material, some 20% of the total collection. The Norman Miller Archive, soon to be part of the Digital Commons Network, aims to provide an online resource to assist researchers, educators, and practitioners working in African studies, conservation, global health, and the prevention of witchcraft-related violence.

For more information about the online archive, visit the website or contact For information about the MSU and Smithsonian collections, contact MSU Africa Studies Librarian Jessica Achberger or Pam Wintle of the Smithsonian Institution.