March 23: Covid Quarantine Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz:

Question 1: Who were the founders of the African Studies Program?

Phillip Curtin and Jan Vansina

Question 2: IRIS Associate Director Anju Reejhsinghani and African Cultural Studies Assistant Professor Jacque Mougoué share what research interest?


Question 3: In which two countries has Nancy Kendall, director of ASP, done extensive research in?

Mozambique and Malawi

Question 4: What event does Emilie Songolo, ASP’s bibliographer, orchestrate every year

International Women’s Day

Question 5: True or False: 15,000+ people have taken UW’s course “Africa: An Introductory Survey” 


Question 6: Which African languages does the Department of African Cultural Studies offer? 


Question 7: When did the African Studies Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison host its first cohort of Mandela Washington Fellows? 

Summer 2016

Question 8: Which programs were established by the university in the 1960s

African Studies Program

Department of African Languages and Literature (later Department of African Cultural Studies)

African Studies Department

Afro-American Studies Department

Question 9: True or False: Since 2016, every Wednesday at noon the African Studies Program hosts a one hour seminar on topics and issues related to Africa


Question 10: Which Africanist climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and watched the chimps in the Gombi National Park 

Lara Vojnov