Questions 1: Alika Songolo is a…

Knight in France

Question 2: Harold Scheub walked 1,500 miles across Africa


Question 3: How many Africanist graduate students are in our community? 


Question 4: ASP has 95 tenured and tenure track faculty members


Question 5: Which professors were active in the anti-apartheid movement? 

Heinz Klug
Neil Kodesh
Gay Seidman

Question 6: Which of these NGOs were founded by our current students or alumni who founded organizations as students

Project Malawi
Village Health Project
Project 1808
Ebola Survivor Sorps

Question 7: Neil Kodesh, Josh Garoon and Tony Goldberg all funded supervised and coordinated which research?

Mapping Hot Spots: ‘One Health’ and The History of Infectious Disease Research

Question 8: Since 1969, the African Studies Program has awarded the A.C. Jordan Prize to a UW-Madison graduate student for the year’s best paper on Africa. Who won the most recent Jordan Prize? 

Kaden Paulson-Smith

Question 9: Where/ how did Aleia McCord and Kate Schachter first meet?

When they served in the Peace Corps together in Ghana

Question 10: Decolonizing African Studies in November 2019 featured which professor?

Dr. Akosua Adomako Ampofo
Dr. Emilie Diouf
Dr. Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni