Question 1: Which Africa at Noon Speaker was the main guest on NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast rebroadcasting an old episode from a couple of years ago about the ebola outbreak in west Africa.

Mousaka Fallah

Question 2: Who said: “The Mandela Washington Fellowship… is a unique opportunity for Wisconsinites to engage with rising international leaders with the potential for lifetime partnerships and collaboration”?

Aleia McCord, African Studies Program Associate Director

Question 3: Which two ASP affiliates first worked together when they organized an HIV&AIDS awareness bike ride across northern Ghana as Peace Corps Volunteers?

African Studies Associate Director Aleia McCord and Peace Corps Recruiter Kate Schachter

Question 4: Which ASP staff member speaks Bahasa Melayu

Sooji Kim

Question 5: Which monograph is currently in print?

Setswana Riddles: Translated into English

Question 6: Which award(s) did Ph.D. student in the Department of Geograph, Jules Reynolds win?

Early Excellence in Teaching Award
2019 Campus-Wide TA Award

Question 7: What are discovery boxes? Check all that apply.

Resources for educators
Curated thematic boxes which include objects related to particular activities, topics, or cultural contexts for hands-on exploration in the classroom.
Include items from daily life in different African countries
Include objects related to particular activities, topics, or cultural contexts
Provide hands-on exploration in the classroom

Question 8: Which program offers U.S. faculty, administrators, and professionals grants to lecture, conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields, or to participate in seminars.

Fulbright Scholar Program

Question 9: Which ASP affiliate served as a jet mechanic during the Korean War?

Harold Scheub

Question 10: Which of the following journals are currently published through University of Wisconsin Press?

Ghana Studies
African Economic History