Introducing Dr. Kaiping Chen

Kaiping Chen is an Assistant Professor of Computational Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Maison, Department of Life Sciences Communication. She is an affiliate of the UW-Madison Robert & Jean Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies, and the Center for East Asian Studies.

Kaiping’s research interests are: global science communication, public understanding of science in the digital media age, and comparative media studies. Her research employs data science to examine how digital media and technologies affect politicians’ accountability to public well-being and how deliberative designs can improve public discourse on controversial and emerging technologies, especially among the traditionally under-represented populations. Kaiping’s work is comparative and she has studied countries including U.S., China, and Ghana.

Kaiping received Ph.D. in Communication from Stanford University, Master of Public Administration from Columbia University, and bachelor in political science and economics from Fudan University. Kaiping’s work has been supported by the National Science Foundation. Her works were published or forthcoming in peer-reviewed journals across disciplines including American Political Science Review, Journal of Science Communication, Public Understanding of Science, Politics, International Public Management Journal, Frontiers In Sustainable Cities, and The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences. 

Besides research, Kaiping also helped local governments in U.S. and China innovating public deliberation practices and online crowdsourcing to engage citizens into the policymaking process.

You can follow Kaiping’s work on:, and @Kaiping_Chen