UW Madison and the 63rd African Studies Association Meeting

In ten days, the 63rd annual meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA) will convene from November 19-21, virtually.  The theme is, “The Hour of Decision: Power, Persistence, Purpose, and Possibility in African Studies.

Click here for a full list of Wisconsin speakers.

According to their mission, ASA was “established in 1957…[and is the] flagship membership organization devoted to enhancing the exchange of information about Africa.” Every year, the annual meeting brings together international scholars and professionals who share some of the most current research on Africa. Typically, 2,000 people attend the meeting of over 300 panels and roundtables. ASA also holds plenary events, an awards ceremony, movie screenings, and more! Please refer to the conference program. African Studies has also curated a list of Wisconsin-led panels and a few others that might be of interest.

Discussions in honor of Tejumola Olaniyan:

Tejumola Olaniyan’s Legacy in African Cultural Studies Part I

Thursday | 7a-8:45 CST | More here

With UW’s Matthew Brown

Tejumola Olaniyan’s Legacy in African Cultural Studies Part II

Thursday | 9a-10:45CST | More here

Tejumola Olaniyan’s Legacy in African Cultural Studies Part III

Thursday | 11a-12:45CST | More here

With UW’s Aliko Songolo 

Tejumola Olaniyan’s Legacy in African Cultural Studies Part IV

Friday | 9a-10:45CST | More here

With UW’s James Sweet and Ronald Radano


Discussion in honor of Crawford Young:

Memorial for Crawford Young

Saturday | 3p-4:45CST | More here 

With UW’s Aili Tripp as Session Chair


Keep an eye out for the following panels with UW presenters:

Crime and Justice 

Thursday | 3p-4:45CST | More here

With UW’s Kaden Paulson-Smith

States, Security, and Citizenship

Thursday | 5p-6:45CST | More here

With UW’s Irène Tombo

Ubuntu Dialogues: Afrocentric Possibilities for Transregional Engagement and Co-creation and Dissemination of Knowledge

Friday | 11a-12:45CST | More here

With UW’s Unifier Dyer 

The Beautiful Skin: Football, Fantasy, and Cinematic Bodies in Africa

Saturday | 7a-8:45CST | More here

Author Meets Critic: UW’s Vlad Dima 

 The Scope of Pedagogical Vision: Individual, National, and Planetary

Saturday | 9a-10:45CST | More here

With UW’s Nancy Kendall and Yaa Oparebea Ampofo

Realities of COVID-19 and Africa

Saturday | 3p-4:45CST | More here

With UW’s Oladipupo Oyeleye 


ON-DEMAND panels with UW participation:

Year II of Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi’s Presidency, Diverse Perspectives 

With UW’s Aliko Songolo

Sexuality Studies and Imprisonment: Queering African Prison Studies

With UW’s Kaden Paulson-Smith

Podcasts and the Study of Africa: A Digital Technology’s Impact on Research, Teaching, and Public Engagement

With UW’s Reginold Royston


Other stand-out panels:  

Teaching While Black: African History of the Politics of Blackness in the Classroom

Thursday | 5p-6:45CST | More here 

Ethiopia in Theory: Revolution and Knowledge Projection, 1964-2016

Friday | 5p-6:45CST | More here

With UW alum Daniel Magaziner 

The Neurotics of the Diaspora: Globalectics and the Immigrant Experiment in Yaa Gyasi’s Transcendent Kingdom

Friday | 5p-6:45CST | More here

Beyoncé’s Africa: African Perspectives on Black is King

Saturday | 11a-12:45CST | More here

Police Violence and Abuse of Power During the Pandemic Session Type: Roundtable

Saturday | 11a-12:45CST | More here

The Jessica Krug Episode & The Racial Politics of African Studies

Saturday | 5p-6:45CST | More here


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