IRIS Graduate Student Summer Fieldwork Award


The purpose of these awards is to support graduate students at the UW-Madison planning to conduct a minimum of 6 weeks of summer fieldwork outside of the United States.


Any continuing graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may apply for these awards.

Award Details:

These are one-time awards of $3,000 to be used in support of 6 or more weeks of summer fieldwork conducted outside the United States. Time abroad outside the summer months will be considered though applicants should address these circumstances in their statement and should have his/her advisor address them in their letter of recommendation as well.

BLAC Foundation Supplemental Award:

In collaboration with the Black Languages Arts and Culture Foundation (BLAC Foundation), IRIS is pleased to offer a $1,000 supplemental grant to students pursuing international field research in the global south on topics related to art, language, or culture. After reading the BLAC Foundation’s mission statement on its website – – those interested should indicate that they wish to be considered for this additional funding. Note that awardees will be required to submit a 3-page paper detailing their activities and accomplishments abroad no later than 30 days after their return to the US for posting on the BLAC Foundation website.

Application Deadline:

Application deadline for the 2022 awards is Monday, February 21, 2022 by 10am.


Read the full award information and apply on the IRIS website here.