FLAS Fellowship and Grant Recipients, Part IV

The Foreign Language and Area Studies Award includes fellowships and grants, funded by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the UW’s National Resource Centers to assist students in acquiring foreign language and either area or international studies competencies.

To increase your chances of the award, the African Studies Program strongly encourages students to apply to all centers for which they are eligible. Please contact FLAS administrator Olayinka Olagbegi-Adegbite (fellowships@africa.wisc.edu) for more information.

Applications are due February 14, 2023. Still unsure whether or not FLAS is right for you? Hear from former recipients on why they applied for FLAS and how the award impacted their language study.


Hana Schuricht

Hana Schuricht is a current undergrad majoring in Psychology and International studies. She is a Wisconsin native and plans to continue her studies with a Masters program after graduation. She has studied abroad in Africa and hopes to do the same in Europe this coming summer. She plans to make a career working with international NGOs to combat human rights abuses in the global South. 

What was your FLAS experience?

I had never heard of FLAS until a staff representative came to my third semester Arabic class. I decided to apply because I figured there might be a chance I could get some financial assistance, and I’m very happy I decided to go for it. They provided me financial assistance to help pay for my last couple years of school but awarded me the opportunity to study abroad, which I never would have had the chance to do otherwise. It still feels like a miracle that fell into my lap, and I am very grateful!

Would you recommend FLAS and why?

Definitely! It made my dream of studying abroad into a reality on top of completely removing the stress of paying for school. The application is totally no-stress and doesn’t take much time at all, so I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning a language and studying the respective culture!