UW Society, Culture and Business in Senegal- Study Abroad Info Session

Senegal, Dakar

This program will inform students about the Society, Culture and Businesses of Senegal, a developing nation in West Africa.  A wide variety of topics will be explored, including history, culture, religious pluralism, business, social entrepreneurship, technology, and marketing.

The fall course will meet once a week with the aim of preparing students with pre-trip readings, discussions, guest speakers and a start to their personal reflection. It will be a hybrid course with some content delivered online via Canvas and some content delivered in-person. A 2-credit course, which will include time in lectures & class meetings (in-person and online), presentations, tutorials, preparation, reading, studying, hands-on experiences, and other learning activities.

The in-country portion will enhance classroom knowledge with a mix of first-hand experiences including guest lectures from Senegalese local entrepreneurs, academics, and non-profit leaders, and field study that includes day-trips, company-visits, and community engagement.

There is an info session about the class on March 1, 2023 5:30pm 1270 Grainger Hall for students who want to learn more about the class or have questions.

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