UW professor retraces footsteps of decades-old Liberian expedition

Fieldwork in Liberia. (Photo by Gregg Mitman)

Edge Effects, a digital magazine produced by graduate students at the Center for Culture, History, and Environment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, spotlights the 1926 expedition of a Harvard scientific team in Liberia and the Belgian Congo.

In the article, UW-Madison Professor Gregg Mitman describes his own journey to Liberia to uncover the story of the Harvard expedition. Mitman’s research in fills a gap in scholarship on Liberia’s post-conflict history and provides a unique window into post-war recovery and reconciliation.

Since the conclusion of his fieldwork in Liberia, Mitman has developed a public history website, A Liberian Journey: History, Memory, and the Making of a Nation.

“A Liberian Journey,” Edge Effects, 5/17/2016.