Annual African Studies Association Meeting

Heinz Klug presents to the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellows. This weekend, Professor Klug will give a presentation on post-apartheid South Africa’s constitutional court at the annual African Studies Association meeting. (Photo by Meagan Doll / UW-Madison)

The 60th annual meeting of the African Studies Association (ASA) will convene this weekend in Chicago.

Founded in 1957 in response to Ghana’s independence, the ASA is “dedicated to increasing public awareness and understanding about economic, political, and cultural developments in Africa and to forging greater relationships between the United States and Africa.”

Last year’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. attracted nearly 2,000 participants. This year’s meeting, centered on the theme of creativity and resilience in African institutions, is expected to attract even more.

Attend the alumni reception

ASA attendees from UW-Madison can connect with fellow Badgers after Friday’s presentations at D4 Irish Pub and Café from 5:30-7:30PM.

Reserve a seat on the chartered bus to Chicago

The African Studies Program is chartering a bus to Chicago for the ASA meeting. The bus will leave on Thursday at 9:30AM from Memorial Union and arrive at 12:30PM at the Chicago Marriott Downtown. It will depart Chicago on Sunday at 9:30AM from the Marriott and arrive at 12:30PM at Memorial Union. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure to stow luggage and select your seat.

To reserve a spot on the bus, please fill out this form.

Hear from fellow Badgers

Graduate students and faculty from UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Lacrosse, UW-Whitewater, and UW-Oshkosh will use the meeting as an opportunity to present the groundbreaking Africa-related research taking place in the UW system.

UW-Madison graduate student Allen Xiao, whose research focuses on African urbanism, will present “Nostalgia And/Or Paranoia: Time-Narration and City-Identification in a Neighborhood of Lagos,” and chair a discussion entitled “African Cities on the Move.”

Ndirangu Wachanga, associate professor at UW-Whitewater, will share his findings from conversations with Kenyan activist Micere Githae Mugo in a presentation entitled “Transforming Scars of Torture into Ornaments of Beauty.”

UW-Madison professor Aili Tripp and graduate student Kaden Paulson-Smith will give a joint presentation on new patterns in constitutional reform and women’s rights in Africa, and professor Heinz Klug will discuss the constitutional court and democratic justice in post-apartheid South Africa.

See the full program here.