Domestic, International Client-Based Workshop Projects Sought

The La Follette School is seeking client-based projects for students in its semester-long Workshop in Public Affairs and Workshop in International Public Affairs courses. Proposals for domestic and international projects from public, nonprofit, or private-sector organizations are requested by November 1. Alumni are encouraged to submit proposals.

Based on the client’s request, student groups produce research-based, analytical, evaluative, and prescriptive reports and present their results to the client during an in-person or video meeting by early May. There is no cost to clients.

Workshop students gain practical experience applying the tools of political, economic, and statistical analysis they acquired during three semesters of coursework. Students work interactively with the client to develop the project and final report over the course of the spring semester.

This culminating project is the equivalent of the thesis for a degree from the La Follette School of Public Affairs.

Selection Criteria
The proposal is achievable within the framework of one semester (approximately 14 weeks).
All data and documentation will be accessible and ready for student use no later than February 1.
Given the short timeframe, existing public or internal data is preferred.
Data collection may be possible if clearly defined in the project proposal.
The project has the support of the organization’s leadership, including a contact person to serve as a liaison with the students and to guide them through day-to-day questions.
The proposal has a clear definition of the problem or issue.

Request for Project Proposals

Project Proposal Form

Previous Workshop Reports

Questions: email Associate Director Steve Kulig (MPA ’14); faculty J. Michael CollinsRourke O’Brien, or Tim Smeeding