UW Ghanaian Health & Food Systems

IAP UW Ghanaian Health & Food Systems: Human, Agricultural & Environmental Health 

Time: Mid-May to Early June
Application deadline: 11/2/2018.
Course Credit: 3 credits in either International Studies 504 or Nutritional Sciences 421. It also fulfills the Global Health Certificate field study requirement.

Throughout this program, students will be challenged to think critically about how politics, inequity, poverty, education, and economics influence food systems and environmental and human health in Ghana. Through partnerships and activities with non-profits such as Days for Girls, 4-H, African Women in Agricultural Research and Development, and others, students will gain a deeper understanding of the complex socio-cultural, political, and economic factors influencing human, agricultural, and environmental health in a low income country.

Program Learning Objectives:

•Identify and describe the multiple and complex socio-cultural, political and economic factors that influence human, agricultural and environmental health in a low-income country.

•Describe the relationships between the components of human and environmental health and food systems.

•Practice community engagement skills by working side by side with local populations during site and community visits.

•Develop and articulate a general world view as a citizen and personal philosophy of integrated “health” and “wellbeing”.

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