Fully Funded Study Abroad with UW-Madison Global Gateway Initiative

The Global Gateway Initiative is a partnership between International Academic Programs (IAP), the Office of Student Financial Aid, and the Institute for Regional and International Studies, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to increase access to study abroad.

Study abroad provides opportunities for students to advance their academic studies while developing global skills that will help them to stand out to potential employers, including increasing students’ confidence and expanding their worldview. However, UW students state that cost is the number one barrier to study abroad participation.

The Global Gateway Initiative makes invaluable experiences accessible to students who otherwise might not be able to study abroad while at UW-Madison in two ways: Summer programs and Fellowships.


  • Global competency and experience is necessary to succeed in today’s world.
  • Global learning continues throughout a student’s career at UW-Madison, both on campus and away.
  • Financial barriers should not prevent access to these opportunities.


International Academic Programs is committed to providing quality study abroad and domestic study away programs for every UW-Madison student. We work strategically to identify, address, and remove barriers that may prevent participation and to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for students. Our staff actively engages with students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds and prioritizes the continuous development of our knowledge and cultural competence. IAP also recognizes the importance of increasing access to study abroad for historically underrepresented student populations. We are committed to diversity and inclusion so that every student can engage with and understand their identity through a new lens and continue to develop and make progress on their personal, professional, and academic goals.


  • Full-time, matriculated UW–Madison undergraduate student.
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • FAFSA submitted; EFC $12,000 or lower preferred for summer programs, required for the UW Global Gateway Fellowship.
  • UW Global Gateway Summer Program participation is limited to students who have completed one or two years of study at UW-Madison.
  • UW Global Gateway Fellowship recipients must be planning to return to UW-Madison for at least one semester following their program participation.
  • Students who have previously participated on a UW Global Gateway Program or received a UW Global Gateway Fellowship are not eligible to be receive a second UW Global Gateway award.


Global Gateway Summer Programs: January 18, 2019
Global Gateway Fellowships: February 1, 2019

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