One Week Nutrition Summer School with the Institute of Development Studies in UK

The Institute of Development Studies in the UK is running its acclaimed one-week summer school, “Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policies and Outcomes,” for the ninth year in July 2019.

Participants will learn and network with leaders in nutrition policy and practice to develop more effective approaches to eliminating malnutrition in all its forms. Participants will interact with and learn from highly qualified, experienced professionals from leading organisations in the field, including Purnima Menon, Stuart Gillespie and Lawrence Haddad, as well as Inka Barnett and Jody Harris.

There are some scholarships available, and countries are encouraged to send multi-sectoral teams to the course to learn and problem-solve together. Donors and TA providers are encouraged to facilitate the attendance of country teams and policy makers who want to learn about the evidence behind making a difference in nutrition.

All information, including course aims, dates, fees and funding, and logistics, as well as the application form, is available here.