Question 1: Where did Africa’s first female president study?
Madison Business College

Question 2: What country was Linda Thomas Greenfield the ambassador of?

Question 3: Which one of Crawford Young’s books won the Lubbert Prize from the American Political Science Association as the best book written that year in the field of Comparative Politics.
The African Colonial State in Comparative Perspective (1994)

Question 4: Recent UW graduate Al Haji Njai has founded ______
A College In The Koinadugu District In Sierra Leone

Question 5: Linda Vakunta is _______
A researcher with Sustaining Natural Circle’s CDC funded grant
An alumna
The Madison’s deputy mayor

Question 6: Name the artist

Rita Mawuena Benissan

Question 7: Gregg Mitman’s films, The Land Beneath Our Feet won which of the following awards?
Best Feature, Documentary or Animated Film Award, International Competition, 2017
Best African Film, 2017 San Francisco Black Film Festival
Best Documentary, 2017 Hobnobben Film Festival. Global Insights Award, 2017 Black Maria Film Festival.
Best Documentary Directors, 2017 Harlem International Film Festival

Question 8: What society is “Professor D” (Damion Sajnani) a part of?
Dope Poets Society

Question 9: Who gave the first Africa at Noon in Fall 2019?
Jan Vansina

Question 10: How many people did the ASP outreach programs reach in 2018-19?