Lusayo Mwakatika, Commencement Speaker

Lusayo Mwakatika

Congratulation to Lusayo Mwakatika, a King-Morgridge Scholar, who will give the 2021 graduation speech. You can tune into Lusayo’s speech on graduation day, here. The undergraduate ceremony will begin Saturday, May 8, at 12pm CST.






Lusayo is also the outgoing president of Project Malawi, a UW student club.









Project Malawi is currently holding a fundraiser, called Malawi Market. If you’d like to learn more or participate, see more here.


You can learn more about the King-Morgridge Scholar here. You can also read about Lusayo’s post-graduation position with ACADES, a Malwai-based non-profit that supports rural communities, and his history with the organization in an interview he gave African Studies Program. And, you can find his Africa In Our Lives interview here.