Dear African Studies community,

Over the summer, we transferred our website to a new server with UW. There should not be much of a difference on all of your end, except that we hope to offer you an even better user experience than before. You can explore our new site, starting with our Memorium to Jan Vansina, where we added new interviews with the late Professor Vansina and Professor Florence Bernault. Leslie Sabakinu translated the English interviews into French subtitles.

We also invite you to revisit our Africa at Noon archives, where you’ll find last year’s events (here and here) and their YouTube recordings. Another website gem, our staff found in our archives when she facilitated the website transfer is these photos, and these! Reminise away!

Beyond our website, you can join us on social media! We frequenlty post reminders about events, newsletter features, and opportunities beyond our Program on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!