Alumni-in-Residence with International Freelance Journalist Jacob Kushner

ASP is proud to co-sponsor events for the week-long Alumni-in-Residence with Jacob Kushner, hosted by the Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program (LACIS).

Jacob Kushner is an international correspondent who writes magazine and other longform articles about Africa, Germany, and the Caribbean. He reports on migration, science, global health, foreign aid and investment, prejudice, terrorism and violent extremism, climate change, and wildlife.

On Tuesday, December 7th at 12pm in 206 Ingraham Hall, Jacob will give an in-person presentation entitled “Stopping the Next One: Chronicling the race to prevent the next pandemic” about what it took to produce a global journalistic project at a time when international travel was shut down due to Covid-19. Professor of Anthropology Karen Strier will share fieldwork experiences which led to her observation that fewer monkeys are living in the forest and her team’s subsequent efforts to document the impact of climate change and the rise in animal-borne diseases on the species. Find the event info here.

On Wednesday, December 8th at 5pm in 2195 Vilas Hall, Jacob will have an in-person Career Conversation to discuss working as a foreign correspondent, tips for freelancing (pitching stories), reporting on science, migration, conflict and human rights, and becoming a ‘subject expert’ and leveraging your expertise. Find the event info here.

Find more information about Jacob here.