IS 603: Asia-Africa Encounters: Migration and Agency in a Globalizing World (Topics in Culture in an Age of Globalization)

Course Description

The course will focus on historically layered structures and ethnographically nuanced cases that linked Asia and Africa in a broad global context. It aims to avoid a “dual area studies” approach by including multicultural institutions and peoples to contextualize the fluidity of Asian-African encounters. Deeper and less dichotomous understanding of human agency in the economic, political, cultural, and historical processes of Asian-African interactions is needed to rethink how globalization and circular migration are shaping Asia and Africa.

Course Designations and Attributes

Counts as Liberal Arts and Science credit in L&S; Counts toward 50% graduate coursework requirement Intermediate or Advanced Requisites & Credits IS Majors & Junior/Senior & Graduate Standing 3 Credits

Meeting Time and Location

2:30-5:00 PM, Tuesday Van Hise 399 (In-person classroom instruction)

Instructor Name: Allen Xiao

Email address:

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